7 Trends You May Have Missed About domain suggestion

I have actually just recently came across a couple of website like namepros.com and dnforum, websites that focus http://brooksstdt074.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-4.html exclusively on the buying and selling of domains. And I "got ta tell ya" I was stopped amazed to hear a few of the success stories.

Naturally there's more to it than buying a domain name for $5.99 a year and turning around and offering it for $4,000. To come across a domain name (whether self developed, ended, or acquired) costs time advertising it, sending out traffic to where it's parked, discovering a broker, doing the things you require to do to up the worth of the name, it's appears like a really time consuming service.

However if you go to Sedo.com you 'd be amazed at the rates that a few of these domains are going for, $5,000, $10,000, even more.

It seems to me like a concealed art. There's not quite speak about it in the basic web marketing forums. And all over on the web you see ebooks on "Ways to" write ebooks for revenue, do JV (joint venture) deals, ebooks on site traffic, blogging methods, affiliate marketing, rss feeds... on and on and on and hardly any information on business of buying and selling domain names. That indicates it's a company who's time has passed or an extremely financially rewarding one that's concealed from the individuals who jump on the bandwagon.

Just taking a look at present occasions and doing domain checks on specific subjects tells me how rapidly excellent domains get taken up. Believe it or not the name Farris Hassan dot com (16 year old young boy who went to Iraq) is already taken.

From my studies it seems that there are a choose few who are kindly making money from the buying and selling of domain. As I mentioned above there is alot of work included however if your ready to sign up with a few subscription websites, learn a couple of marketing tricks and get into the video game, the selling of domain names can be an extremely profitable business.